How to Remove Internet Explorer 9

18 May

While working with Internet Explorer 9, we noticed that it is not that “easy” to remove it. The uninstall option is not available where you might look in the first place. It is hidden in a rather unexpected place. Therefore we decided to create this quick tutorial on how to uninstall Internet Explorer 9from your Windows 7 computer.

Internet Explorer 9 Cannot be Found in Programs and Features

One of the strange things you will notice is that Internet Explorer 9 cannot be found by going to Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features, as it is called since Windows Vista). There you will find all the programs installed on your Windows 7, except Internet Explorer 9.

Windows Updates

This happens due to the fact that Microsoft considers its new browser to be a Windows Update, rather than a separate application on its own.

Remove Internet Explorer 9 from Installed Updates

To remove Internet Explorer 9, you need to go to the list of Installed Updates. As detailed in this tutorial – How to Manage Installed or Hidden Windows Updates – you need to go to ’System and Security -> Windows Update -> Installed Updates’.

Search for an entry called Windows Internet Explorer 9, click on it and then on Uninstall. During the uninstallation process, you will be asked to restart your computer. Close any open applications and documents, and click Restart Now.

Windows Updates

During the reboot process, Windows 7 will take a while to configure Windows updates. Be patient and, after a while, you will be able to log in again.

Windows Updates

Once this is done, your Windows 7 will return to Internet Explorer version 8.

Stay tuned for more

We are done with the easier stuff about Internet Explorer 9: how to install it and how to remove it. In the appropriate future we will come back with more interesting tutorials, detailing more about this browser’s strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned and… check out the articles recommended below.

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