Wireless Live View Remote Camera Control

23 Feb

pixel enterprise

Wireless Live View Remote

I so want one of these for my camera.  As soon as I can find a spare $335 for the kit, I’m in business.  Below are the specs on which to drool…  until the price comes down.  I don’t even really see a review of the product anywhere; and yes, i did check.  It’s a great concept as long as you don’t end up spending more time connecting the devices to each other than actually taking photos.  I did find reviews of the first generation of these babies and the viewfinder is much improved indeed.  Let me know if anyone actually buys it and tries it out!

1.  LV-W1 image transmit is using 2.4GHz frequency channel, 3 specific channels.

2.  Shutter control is using 433MHz frequency channel (available to use another frequency channel). 3 specific channels.

3.  Operating distance range is up to 80M.

4.  The display is protected by coating; it’s not easy to get scratch.

5.  3inch TFT display, adjustable the brightness .

6.  Resolution: 960 X 240

7.  3.7V 1200mAh lithium battery. Working hour: Transmitter — 8 hours or above. Receiver —   5hours or above.

8.  The receiver is usable to connect the camera directly, just like CT-122. Use VD-936 (optional) to connect and transfer the live view to PC.

9.  Compatible for camera which included AV Output and shutter release socket.

10. Charging method: via charger or USB cable for charging  the battery inside the device.

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