19 Feb

TinyPad is a fe ature rich note-taking pad.  It’s light-weight and portable and can be synced to  This tiny editor packs in so many features:

  • Themes! Choose the look that suites your mood the best! TinyPad now has 7 new themes!
  • Never worry about saving your notes, TinyPad is taking care of it for you in the background; there’s no save button to click at all!
  • Store unlimited notes and categorize them into tabs
  • Size matters!…the smaller the better! Now TinyPad is even smaller and lighter on your system. We’ve been working hard on making it smaller in size and even easier to install. TinyPad now uses only 1MB (or so) of your virtual memory!
  • Sync your notes online, and keep them backed up. TinyPad backs up all your notes online with a 256-bits encryption algorithm to keep you safe from sniffers!
  • Share your notes with your friends with the simple click of a button!
  • Update your twitter status directly from within TinyPad!
  • Hot spots give you easy access to showing and hiding TinyPad. No need for a single click to show or hide TinyPad! Just hover your mouse to the upper left/right corner to show/hide your favorite companion!
  • Quickly find what you are looking for in your notes with the 2-way search functionality
  • Smoothly highlight all words of interest in your pads
  • Archive the pads you don’t use often in one step and never throw away your old notes
  • The friendliest user-interface to make you love it even more!
  • Keyboard shortcuts to make your notes-taking tasks even faster!
  • Because your feedback matters, you can now send us your comments, good or bad, from within TinyPad! After all, TinyPad is what it is today thanks to you!

and here are just a couple of the screenshots:

I think it’s time to replace my Notepad!

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