Bug Labs

17 Feb

What is a bug?  In short:  BUG gives you all the tools you need to build your dream gadget — a collection of electronic modules you can easily snap together and program to make any device you want. Best of all, it’s open source.  In essence it’s a geek/nerd dream setup.


bug labs

Making me a gadget? What a wonderful way to say you love me!  Keep in mind it’s kinda pricey…they are shipping you some gadget components though. BUGbase WiFi is the heart of your BUG application. A powerful palm-sized computer with storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, mini LCD, USB and serial I/O, and more. Connect your BUGbase WiFi to any combination of up to four BUGmodules and build the ultimate prototype.  The you add on components as they are needed.  The site also has a wealth of example apps you can try to configure on  your own.  Gotta save up for one these…

There’s even  a quick video on how to get started:

via BugLabs

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